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your professional source for high quality outdoor furniture.

Certified legal teak, is the precious raw material for our reliable and well designed furniture.

Comfort, function and sturdy construction, are the basis for long lasting end user appreciation.

We maintain a good relationship with our customers, for a long time. We try to understand as much as possible about their business to help them to improve it.

Our vast range of designs and articles should cover all your needs. if not, let’s talk about it.

We do projects and some customized orders regularly and are used to deadlines.

You can find our furniture, either in projects or shops in many corners of the world. In the Arabian Peninsula, in Fiji or North America the climate ranges from very hot and dry to really cold and snowy. Our furniture can take it all for many years to come.

We offer the real deal, no fake Teak or chemically treated B+ teak.

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  • Restaurant - Bali (1)
  • Resort Hotel - Dominican Republic (1)
  • Resort Ski - Canada Fairmont Chateau Whitsler (1)

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