About Us

Asia Concept is a German owned and run company, established in 2001 in Indonesia.

Nearly 40 Years of experience and the spirit of our professional team turn the marvellous natural material “Teak” into high quality furniture. We specialize in outdoor articles and projects.

We select only premium logs of Teak from Perum Perhutani (Indonesian Forest department). They manage the plantation and maintain reforestation.

The legal wood is certified through SVLK and the European Union FLEGT requirements.

Did you know that most teak in the market is not aged enough to become weather resistant? It is still sold for outdoor use.

Teak wood did not originally grow in Indonesia. It was planted by the Dutch colonialists, after their geologists selected the best grounds for it to grow and we select the best of it.

No rainforest gets chopped down for Teak wood in Indonesia. That is something many other countries cannot say. There is still a lot of damage done to it, but for other reasons . See FAQ

Our high quality furniture are made by experienced craftsmen, whose skills are often transferred from father to son. We combine traditions with modern production technologies and a beautiful material.

Kiln drying and machining processes improve the Teak and create a durable furniture.

For our speciality, the extraordinary and long lasting smooth surfaces, we rely on the manual sanding and our ladies just spend time .. and time.. and time, until they get it right.

We hear that we spend up to 15 times longer for the surface than others.

The result becomes visible, after time, when our furniture get a real silver grey patina and stay smoother and cleaner, while the typical mass market furniture, just get dirty and rough or even starts falling apart.

You will like our robust construction and a functional but comfortable furniture. Our service and reliability will convince you, to cooperate long term with us. Our Brand is concept-4U

Whether you look for outdoor, garden, patio, teak, balcony, terrace, porch, lawn, pool, outdoor bar, spa, sauna, sport, deck, club, golf, cricket, marina or boat, hotel, restaurant or café furniture, we are the right partner for you!

Our articles are appreciated and valued in Europe, USA, Japan, Dubai, Australia and many countries more. We look, with our customers, for a long term relationship, where we can develop together a successful partnership, product and service.

Importers, Wholesalers, Retailers, Restaurants, Resorts and Projects, expect from us reliability in quality, continuity and proper timing for a fair price.

Repeated orders over the years are the best proof that we successfully meet these needs.

A lot of effort is required and it has a price. A fair price as we like to think.

To be the cheapest is never our goal. To provide reliable service and products and to be one of the best is. 

When you cooperate with us you will soon see that you have found the right partner.

The Best quality at competitive prices, we think is a fair deal for both partners.

If “cheap” is still your main purchasing requirement, we still can connect you with a friend.

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