How long do you exist ?
Claudio works already 30 years in the component and furniture business.
This company, his own, about 1
6 years.

What is your capacity?
For retail/wholesale ca. 35
x 40” per year but the capacity is bigger.

For projects it depends on the size and articles, as often customized.

We are already 4 years fully certified by the Indonesian SVLK system. It full fills more than is required by the European FLEGT, which is mandatory since Sept. 2016.

Destruction of rain forest is an alarming. In many countries the rain forest is still the source for Teak wood. Not so in Indonesia. No rain forest is damaged by harvesting Teak wood because it does not come from there. It grows in plantations or is planted privately.

Still Rain forest is destroyed by Mining and palm oil companies. Teak wood was brought here by the Dutch for their warehouses and ships and harbor construction. That is by the way why we have the best Teak here in Indonesia because the Dutch ( 400 years colony)send out their geologists to find the best growing area.

There is this Mafia system in place – demonstrate in front of the shop and force everybody to follow – and of course pay. Even when it is totally unnecessary like in Germany where they invented sustainable forests more than 100 years ago the have now certificates from FSC.

Why is the headquarter of such an organization in Mexico?
So countries like Malaysia and Indonesia are looking for other ways in cooperation with the EU and US to make sure that sustainable wood is used without paying the Mafia.

Delivery time
Dependent on time of order and articles can be six weeks up to 3 month in peak season ( Nov-March)

What is your price offer?
We offer you F.O.B price (Free on Board) in Semarang Port.

Do you have a price list on your website?
Our price list is separated from the Website. We are glad to receive an inquiry, always best with specific requests, not like “ send price list”.

It helps both of us when you tells us a bit about your business.

If you have any special designs, please send us  and we will do our best to calculate them to meet The best Prices.

Can you keep the price for a period times?
“All prices could be changed with prior notice”, the price might be change because there is something happened with our macro economic system, but we will inform clearly to our customer and it can happened not all the times. We do care about pricing and we do not want to disturb except our reason on above.

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